Instructional Elements of this Course

This course uses the following instructional elements.

NCERT Textbook

In the introduction of each chapter, you will find the PDF of the NCERT chapter. This has been included so that when you are logged in to this course, you can easily refer to the NCERT textbook if required.

CBSE Sample Papers and Marking Scheme

In the Introduction section, you can access the official sample papers and the marking scheme issued by CBSE. This will give you a clear understanding of what kind of questions can be asked in the examination.

eBook: Learn2Learn Maths

This book is included in the first section of the course. It will help you develop the right attitude and skills to learn mathematics. This is recommended for all students who wish to score above 90% marks in mathematics.


We use the term EXERCISE for all questions that are solved in the course. The solution is either provided in the video following the exercise or explained in textual form.

Video Lectures

Solutions to exercises are provided as video lectures. The video explains the theory behind the exercise as well as the procedure to solve the problem.

Self Practice

Self Practice problems are provided after the exercises to give you an opportunity to independently solve similar problems. It is highly recommended that you do the self practice problems before proceeding to the next exercise.

Practice Assignments

For each chapter, multiple practice assignments are provided to you. The questions in these assignments are as per the level of questions in the CBSE sample papers. Some questions requiring higher order thinking are also included in these assignments. If you cannot do any problem in the assignment, you can post your doubt or query in the discussion forum.

Chapter Tests

You can download chapter level tests for each chapter after finishing the chapter. If you cannot do any problem in the tests, you can post your doubt or query in the discussion forum.

Discussion Forum

If you cannot understand anything in a lesson, you can post your doubt or query in the discussion forum at the end of each lesson. You may also reply to comments, queries or doubts posted by other students.

eBook: MathBuster 1000 MCQs

The PDF of this book is provided with this course. It gives you 1000 multiple choice questions divided into the three Depth of Knowledge Levels.